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In the game of poker, the Joker can be a misunderstood card. May be because of the way the card can be played. Despite its court jester appearance, the Joker can sometimes help a player to win a game. In marketing, the same can be said for any brand. True, there are some tried and tested elements of any company’s corporate identity that can be deployed quickly to resonate with customers. Referred as core branding identifiers, these elements are cherished because remain in public eyes as long as the brand lives, rarely changing their shape, size or colour. Carrying the identity of the brand in a long way, these include the business name, corporate slogans, logos, mottos and taglines.

Here are just a few examples of this prodigy:

  • ”Don’t Leave Home Without It”
  • “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard”
  • “Think different”
  • “The ultimate driving machine”
  • “Just do it”

For most companies, their core product or service is also readily available with their competitor, within the same geographical area. Sometimes, at the same street or even a same store. Surprisingly, there are businesses that choose to promote what they do independently of their corporate identity. And that’s like playing poker without a joker. They are playing the game without realising the full power of their brand.

A systematic use of corporate slogan, logo, motto or tagline is a highly effective distinguishing factor, especially from the point of view of a tight competition. On Hold India’s team is an expert in creating the best on hold mp3, mp3 on hold music or message that works extensively to help clients in identifying inventive ways to make use of taglines and mottos on hold, ensuring your brand is never left behind again.It’s like making the use of ‘theory of relativity” to garner interest in your business or brand. Remember those college days when sitting with a beautiful girl for an hour felt like just a few seconds? Or how it looks like that you’ve waiting for so long when you are hungry and order something to eat and it takes time to be served? That’s relativity in action.

The same can be said about your mp3 on hold music or message. The way your callers perceive their elapsed time while on hold is relative. Every pleasant wait on hold experience will be perceived as a less time than actual while an unpleasant experience will be perceived as more time than actual. So how you sync your mp3 on hold music or message with your brand will decide if people calling your office consider it a waste or use of time.

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Our Background On Hold Works Brand Services Career Contact